All things pediatric occupational therapy with Amy Danick of High Five Hand Skills

About this episode:

The guest on ?Broad Appeal? this month is Amy Danick, the founder and owner of High Five Hand Skills in Quincy, a child-centric occupational therapy center focusing on fine motor, visual motor and visual perceptual skills as well as mindfulness and overall well being.

A self-styled ?momtrepreneur? with a master?s degree from Tufts University, she shares her story of searching for a profession to be passionate about, how she built her own business and how she balances that with raising two children of her own.

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About our guest:

Amy is the owner and primary practitioner at High Five Hand Skills, a pediatric occupational therapy clinic specializing in fine motor, visual motor and visual perceptual skills. High Five Hand Skills private services for kids with delays in this area. Parents often use this as a supplement to what the child may be receiving at school.

Families also come to High Five Hand Skills as an enrichment opportunity. Extra practice and exposure to fine motor, visual motor and visual perceptual skills taught by an experienced professional can truly assist in academic success.

High Five Hand Skills also offers classes like Curious for Crafts, Curious for Cursive, Handwriting Helpers, Lego Club and Mindfulness Classes. High Five Hand Skills utilizes mindfulness in every aspect of every class.

Even though they our own and operate their own separate businesses in one space, High Five Hand Skills and Footprints Kids Yoga continually come together to offer Special events to children like wellness, movie nights, and mindfulness camps and retreats for girls.

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Join us for a Bogged Down Bourbon cocktail at the Lower Mills Tavern?and learn how to make one from home!

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