Beth Greenawalt on successful parenting

Episode 4: March 6, 2018

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About this episode:

Beth Greenawalt, founder and owner of Parent-Solutions Parent Coaching, is the guest on this episode of ?Broad Appeal.? A Milton entrepreneur, Beth and Melissa chat about her process of realizing how she wanted to restructure her career, finding her passion and making it into a successful business.

About our guest:

Beth Greenawalt, Parent SolutionsBeth wants to help you make daily parenting decisions that deepen your loving connection with your child. She is the founder and owner of Parent-Solutions Parent Coaching. Beth has a M.A. in Parent Coaching and Child Development from Lesley University and has been certified by the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI).

Beth?s work focuses on the strengths of both parents and children in order to help parents see their family members in a new light so that everyone can love one another for who they are. She offers parent coaching to all parents including divorced and separated parents.? Coaching can be one on one, or in small groups of parents with children who are similar in age.? Beth has additional training and offers presentations on a variety of topics including the effects of media on brain development, Brain Compatible Parenting?, Touchpoints?? and temperament.

Beth also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University. After an initial career in biomedical engineering, she developed her own business, Simple Solutions, specializing in home and small business organizing. Beth chose to transition to parent coaching in order to have a more profound positive impact on parents and families.

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About our Queen Bartender, Donna Gillespie, of the Industry:

Lady Adams drink recipe and demonstration on Broad Appeal TV with Donna from The IndustryAt the age of 16, Donna started working in the service industry with her father owning multiple bars and restaurants. She had no choice but to dive into her craft! In her early 20?s, Donna started playing around with different cocktails and ingredients. Through reading books, menus and magazines she learned a lot.

I have to say though the best knowledge i always had was from the people I?ve worked with down through the years. Bouncing ideas back and forth and experimenting. I really enjoy the creative side of my Job. I?ve even learned a thing or two from some of my customers!

Donna loves that in this job, she never stops learning and says if you have a good team to work with then that?s even better! Donna is? still continuing to learn all sorts of things and hopes to have more tasty treats up her sleeve!

Old Fashioned (view recipe)

Old Fashioned drink recipe and demonstration on Broad Appeal TV

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The do-over.