Liz Theresa chats about branding, websites, and entrepreneurship on Broad Appeal

About this episode:

Liz Theresa runs her own business helping other people run their businesses, and she is the latest guest to stop by the set of ?Broad Appeal? to talk about her road to where she is now.

This local entrepreneur and branding specialist, who also has a podcast, shares her expertise on making websites that are more than just an online poster, as well as talks about how rejection set her up to set out on her own and build her own company.

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About our guest:

Liz Theresa owns a boutique business development and branding firm based in Norwell, MA with team members located across the country. The firm specializes in helping entrepreneurs design and grow brands they love — most often through Liz’s signature program Concept to Creation which is her full branding, copywriting, and website creation package.

Liz works with personal brands in leadership development, personal finance, and health — and also work with e-commerce businesses in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

“I love what I do!” – Liz Theresa

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Join us to learn how to make a Harvest Mimosa!

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