Timika Downes chats about all things lice & finances with host Melissa Fassel Dunn

Episode 12 – December, 2018

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About this episode:

Before she was a business owner, Timika Downes worked in accounting, but she had always wanted to be a doctor. In this episode of ?Broad Appeal,? Timika shares the story of how helping her mother recover from an illness started her on the path to becoming a school nurse, launching Lice Clinics of Medford and paying off her student loans.


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About our guest:

Timika Downes started her career as a public accountant for Deloitte and Touche, and eventually, went back to school for nursing. Although she worked in traditional medical settings, when her kids were younger she switched to school nursing, in order to be on their schedule…. which is where she learned about head lice, and eventually, opened a clinic to treat it.
Timika’s?clinic, Lice Clinics of America-Medford opened in December of 2016, and has been an “awesome and rewarding experience helping families to fight this problem of head lice.”?Timika’s technicians treat hundreds of cases of head lice in MA alone. The treatment is only about an hour and renders you lice free via a machine that dehydrates all of the eggs and all of the bugs.
Timika also co-hosts a podcast, House of Fi, where she discusses the art of becoming financially independent.

The Twist

Host Melissa Fassel Dunn treats us to a Drunken Jack Frosty drink!

Melissa Fassel Dunn's Drunken Jack Frosty cocktail on Broad Appeal

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